Corona: young scientists criticize disadvantage

Corona: young scientists criticize disadvantage

More than 500 scientists have protested against discrimination of young researchers and people with children in the university and university business during the corona crisis.

In an open letter to the federal government, you criticized the fact that many expert panels are made up primarily of older men and that the entire discussion is rather one-sided. The aspect of child care is not taken into account enough in the debate.

"The current exit and contact restrictions hit parents with maximum severity," write the authors, who, according to their own statements, conduct research in a variety of fields and are between 25 and 50 years old. Taking care of a small child was a full-time job. For each family, one adult was largely absent for the work. Women in particular were forced into the traditional role model and put their careers behind domestic tasks. The consequences for women’s careers are "devastating", he says.

The authors also pointed out the under-researched role of children within the infection chains and the negative consequences of long-term isolation for children. "We therefore call for the reopening of daycare centers and kindergartens in small groups to be given more room for maneuver"


Overall, a "more balanced expert consultation and discussion" is needed, the letter’s authors demanded. The leopoldina working group, for example, consisted of 24 scientists and only two female scientists with an average age of 63.

The open letter was signed by almost 600 scientists from numerous german universities, including many with professorial titles. The letter was sent to the federal government, the state governments and the bundestag and was to be published on the internet.

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