Laser is supposed to make lightning from thunderclouds harmless

laser is supposed to make lightning from thunderclouds harmless

A european research consortium wants to use a specially developed laser to extract lightning from thunderclouds and make it harmless. The device, which can emit 1000 laser flashes per second with up to 600 gigawatts, was presented in unterfohring near munich, germany.

It was built by trumpf scientific lasers, one of seven project partners. The basic idea is to use the laser to create a plasma channel in the air. This channel conducts electricity very well. That’s why lightning follows it, as the managing director of trumpf scientific lasers, knut michel, explains. "For the blitz, it’s like choosing to drive on the highway or to fight your way through the jungle."The plasma channel, which is to be at least 100 meters long, is laid out in such a way that it guides the lightning to a classic lightning conductor that renders it harmless.

The technology could be interesting for airports, for example, so that they can maintain operations during thunderstorms or to protect sensitive objects such as missile launch pads from lightning strikes. "The damage caused by lightning runs into the billions every year," says michel. Especially in the case of airports, the times when they had to be closed because of the danger of lightning strikes were very significant.


Music from helene fischer to motorhead at the gremsdorf village festival

music from helene fischer to motorhead at the gremsdorf village festival

It was the muller at the last church fair. No, it's not about the latest french crime scene, but about "gremsrock", a seven-piece band that was formed especially for the gremsdorf village festival. The kick-off was given by the gremsdorfer muller michael litz, when he joined katrin heinz-karg and dominik knoll at the kerwa in september.

"Casting at the kerwa

"Already during the kerwa-weekend we recruited the rough part of the band", report the two musicians – he plays guitar, she is there with keyboard and accordion. Robert ruhmann was the third in the group. "He was at the beer stand anyway, and we knew he played the drums. We asked him right away."

So it went on: raimund kratz from the brass band was brought on board as bass player, michael jager as second guitarist and finally as singers peter krettner and anna kestler. "Whereby each of us sings – everyone just what he can", explains katrin heinz-karg. After all, the musicians come from very different genres. Knoll, krettner and ruhmann are more into rock and metal. Kratz plays folk and brass music, as well as hard rock. Michael jager is with metal, funk, punk, rock and indie also rather to the harder track to be assigned. Heinz-karg, on the other hand, is rooted in classical music: "but i just do what i'm supposed to do", she laughs. The youngest of the group, singer anna kestler, has no band experience yet, but comes from a very musical family.


Headwind from lauter on the regional plan

The review of the draft update has shown that in the municipal area of the municipality of lauter, one priority area each for wind power plants should be designated in the deusdorf subdistrict on the border with stettfeld and in the lauter subdistrict on the border with stettfeld. These priority areas were located about 900 to 1200 meters southwest of lauter and about 900 meters each west of deusdorf and southwest of leppelsdorf.
However, the administration’s recommendation to approve this update and to see it as an important contribution to an ecologically sustainable energy supply in the region of upper franconia sparked off a very lively discussion in the municipal council, in which this project found less and less support from minute to minute. Second mayor hans-jurgen zitzelsberger (CSU) found it fundamentally unacceptable to pave over the beautiful lauter valley with wind turbines. Gunter zenk (freie wahler) took a more differentiated view, arguing that if you want to get away from nuclear power, you also have to bite the bullet on renewable energies. Hildegard weigmann (CSU) said that the planned wind turbines were far too close to built-up areas, and that lauter had already done its homework with a large number of photovoltaic plants. "Must we disfigure our homeland like this?, she asked the audience and received universal approval. The lauter council felt insufficiently informed, with too little background knowledge of how the regional plan is created and what criteria are used to designate areas for wind farms, were other concerns. Mayor armin postler (CSU) saw a considerable need for clarification and formulated the concerns of the council – which therefore voted unanimously against the draft resolution. Only when the municipal council clearly sees the dimensions of such wind turbines and the criteria according to which sites were chosen, can a well-founded decision be made.


Bamberg bus driver protects passengers from rioters

Bamberg bus driver protects passengers from rioters

It's the first round after the break, when uwe smola (51) is on the bus on this 5th day. April 2017 gets into his city bus. Line 910 in the direction of michaelsberg, 16.05 o'clock. Smola still knows exactly. Also what happened next: "there was a brawl at the ZOB, the police were already on the scene. Two of the group wanted to get on my bus, so I quickly closed the doors."

But because an elderly couple still wants to get on, the city bus driver opens the door again – and the two young men scurry inside. "I told them to get their act together." At first, everything had been in order, they had dutifully paid their ticket.
Then, shortly after the stop "am kranen", one of the two completely freaks out. The 21-year-old bangs on bus poles and seats, attacks passengers. "He grabbed one of them by the collar and threatened: "if you open your mouth, I'll punch you in the face", reports smola.

He observes the situation in the rearview mirror, sees how the 21-year-old starts to harass a teenager. "The atmosphere was very tense, people wanted to get out of the car. I immediately stopped at the next stop in markusstrabe." He asks the two young men to leave. "One of them suddenly rushed forward, destroyed a ticket validator and yelled at me: "don't throw me out!!"


Two kindergartens in schwarzach are being renovated

Two kindergartens in schwarzach are being renovated

Leaky windows, ice-cold walls, outdated heating system. In terms of energy, there is still a lot wrong with the kindergartens in stadtschwarzach and munsterschwarzach. On tuesday evening, the members of the town council had a look at the kindergarten st. Josef in stadtschwarzach an insight into the current situation. In the subsequent council meeting, they came to a unanimous decision: in the coming year, both daycare centers are to be renovated for energy efficiency. The immense costs of 370,000 euros for stadtschwarzach and 80,000 euros for munsterschwarzach are to be allocated in the 2013 budget.
"Move in head" during the inspection of the cellar in the kindergarten in stadtschwarzach, it was clear to the roughly grown members of the council. Architect stefan schielke, together with kindergarten director sabine schuster, led the municipal inspectors through the kindergarten building. Lothar nagel, the mayor of the city, set a clear goal: "we want to achieve a k-efficiency house in order to receive government subsidies." The kindergarten building in schwartzach currently has an energy requirement of 390 kwh (heating costs). After the energy renovation, a value of just over 160 kwh is to be achieved, which corresponds to a heating cost saving of well over 50 percent.
Brother edmar schafer (monastery list), who is responsible for the monastery project "regenerative energies" in the abbey of munsterschwarzach is responsible for the kindergarten, saw the current situation realistically and at the same time took a look into the future: "energy is becoming more and more expensive. That is why we should invest now in order to save money later."
Architect schielke had a certificate for energy-saving thermal insulation for the kindergarten in stadtschwarzach. The council brought with them a report detailing the costs, economic viability and environmental compatibility of the project. The proof had been compiled by the veitshochheim engineer anja kriege. Schielke considered it a priority to optimally coordinate the renovation measures from a structural point of view, to keep the investment costs for the entire package low and to make optimum use of demand programs. He recommended that all the energy-saving measures be carried out in one go.
According to the current plans, the exterior wall, the basement ceiling and the top floor ceiling are to be dammed. The old windows are to be replaced by triple-glazed thermal insulation windows. The heating system is also to be renewed. Three variants for a new heating system are under discussion, which the committee will decide on in the coming year: gas condensing boiler and solar system, pellet boiler or air-water heat pump with gas condensing peak load boiler. Whether a photovoltaic system can be installed on the roof of the kindergarten in stadtschwarzach because of its proximity to the parish church is to be decided by the kitzingen district office.
The council did not reach a final decision on the question of whether the bay window on the front of the building should be retained. Because the bay window was probably added in the 1960s, it is possible that it will be torn down in the course of the energy project.

Self-made interior
In the kindergarten st. Felizitas in munsterschwarzach the energy situation is not quite as dramatic as in the neighboring village. Various energy audits have already been carried out there in the past few years. In 2013, the exterior walls and the top floor ceiling of this daycare center are to be dammed. The building is also to be fitted with triple glazing for thermal insulation. In munsterschwarzach, the members of the kindergarten association want to do the interior work themselves and thus save around 10,000 euros. Because the club has already installed a photovoltaic system on the roof, the municipality will save the cost of a solar system, which was planned to support the heating system.


Hamburg woman has world-beating nail polish collection

Hamburg woman has world-beating nail polish collection

A hamburger woman probably owns the world’s largest collection of nail polish. Exactly 11 027 small and coarse bottles were paid by two lawyers in the apartment of carolin gorra (39). The record institute for germany has therefore officially confirmed her world record.

The graduate in business administration collects paints from all over the world and in every color, shape and decoration. She spends about 100 to 200 euros a month for it. In her apartment, there are nail polish bottles as far as the eye can see.

Only a small part of the collection is also actively used by her. About ten percent of nail polish also ends up on their fingers. The 39-year-old prefers bright, eye-catching colors. "Red or discreet – that’s not my thing! The stark colors are the real attraction for me," said the native of pasewalk (mecklenburg-western pomerania) to the german press agency.


Finland and switzerland first wm quarterfinalists

Finland and switzerland first wm quarterfinalists

Co-hosts finland and switzerland are the first teams to reach the quarterfinals of the world ice hockey championships. The finns beat austria 7:2 (2:0, 1:0, 4:2) and can no longer be knocked out of one of the top four places in their group.

The surprise team from switzerland celebrated its fifth win in five games with a 4:1 (1:0, 1:1, 2:0) victory over denmark and is now also in the knockout round.O.-round. The swiss have made their best start to a world cup in 65 years – in 1948 they were in st. Moritz even started with six victories. Meanwhile, the USA beat france 4:2 (2:0, 0:1, 2:1).

After the impressive victory over russia the night before, the finns also performed confidently against austria and led after two thirds through the goals of antti pihlstrom (5. Minute), veli-matti savinainen (9.) and petri kontiola (28.) comfortable. Austria surprisingly scored two goals in a shorthanded draw with robert lukas (41.) and raphael herburger (43.). But lauri korpikoski (50.), niklas hagman (51.), jarno koskiranta (56.) and again savinainen (58.) made everything clear for the landlords.


Church resists ns dictatorship

church resists ns dictatorship

In the city parish of herzogenaurach, city pastor franz rathgeber tried to maintain church life as far as possible in the third year of the war in 1941, although two of his chaplains were drafted into the armed forces. Since 1939 germany was in a state of war. On 22. June 1941, in addition, the hostilities with the soviet union began.

One of the chaplains, johann ebl, was drafted in march 1941 and opened on 10. August 1941 injured in the leg by a shell splinter. He escaped amputation by a hair's breadth and was taken to the scharley reserve hospital in upper silesia. Chaplain eduard krenner was ordained on 1. May 1941 drafted. He joined the motorists in bamberg.

The feast of sebastiani on 20. January saw the old traditional participation, there were 1800 communicants. The morning and afternoon sermon was preached by the dominican provincial and former cathedral preacher of st. Peter's. Hedwig in berlin, pater dr. Marianus cousin OP.


The kites in view

The kites in view

Home game month, part two: after the unexpected win against phoenix hagen, one of the toughest tests of the entire season now awaits wurzburg's defensive specialists chester frazier, john little and co.The third-placed artland dragons from quakenbruck, the most dangerous offense in the beko basketball bundesliga, will be playing in the sold-out s.Oliver arena.

Sunday's 5 p.M. Match kicks off an english week for the s.Oliver baskets: next wednesday (19.30 p.M.), the team travels to bayreuth for the frankenderby, and on the following saturday (february 18), at an unusual. February) at an unusual time at 14:00 hrs.30 o'clock the new yorker phantoms braunschweig are guests in wurzburg.
In the first leg at quakenbruck's "dragon's cave" the promoted team kept up well for a half, but in the end had to admit defeat with 74:87 – no team has ever scored more points against the s.Oliver baskets scored. "They have one of the most talented teams in the league and an unbelievable amount of quality in their squad", baskets coach john patrick says: "it's going to be a very tough task for us. In the cup game against bamberg in bayreuth they kept the game open for a long time. When they run, you can hardly defend them because they have so many good guards. David holston is the engine of the team, of course, but they are very deep and have top players at every position."

Use of davis holston is uncertain


Weismain daycare center children make a “color tree

Weismain daycare center children make a

Sometimes the result is not so important and the way to get there is much more interesting. At first glance, you see the "color tree in the daycare center"s "kinderzeit" area the work that went into it; even the director, elfi bienlein, admits that "it wasn"t an aesthetic art project." the children"s months of hard work, especially with the leaves and their materials, were rewarded with a prize in the "it works" technology competition?!".

"Our goal is to let the kids experiment and go their own way", explained stephanie votter from munich, the project manager of the competition organized by the bildungswerk der bayerischen wirtschaft (educational association of the bavarian economy). The fact that this guideline was taken to heart at the weismain daycare center was underscored by a presentation of more than 270 pages, with which elfi bienlein explained the creation of the "color tree" to parents and representatives from business and politics the picture show revealed how it all began before winter with the cutting of apple trees in the nursery garden, when the children wanted to use the branches for the new project; it showed how the children, experienced in building mud huts the previous year, switched to willow as a material – and then spent weeks decorating the finished tree next to the soccer hall with leaves. "Paper softens up", the 44 girls and boys realized by trying them out, even cardboard leaves couldn"t withstand the weather.

And so they made their own suggestions, which led to ever new materials: they learned how to use the hole punch to make leather leaves, those made of wood and iron led them to a carpenter's workshop and to a metal designer; when dealing with glass as a raw material, they got help from an optician and discovered that cullet is no longer sharp when it is boiled.